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Read the 2017 Story of Success

Every day and in every corner of Columbus City Schools, a story of success is being written by some of the nearly 51,500 children actively learning in our more than 3,000 classrooms or by some of our more than 8,000 teachers, staff, and administrators eager to share their positive empowering energy with all of our students, our families, each other, and the community we serve.

Over the past five years, the story of the Spirit of Success in Columbus City Schools and the deep pride behind it has been strengthening and resonating across our schools and throughout our city.

Take a moment to read this report which details many of the impressive steps taken by the District - under the leadership of Superintendent/CEO Dr. Dan Good and the members of the Columbus Board of Education - to educate and empower our students and their families more than ever before and to best serve the Columbus community we all call home.

As we look ahead, this sustainable positive trajectory in Columbus City Schools will set the stage for our next stories of success in 2018, to be written as a new Superintendent takes the helm of Ohio’s largest school district.

In announcing his retirement, Dr. Good concluded his story of success by sharing:

“I am so very proud of the work that’s been accomplished in this District… the families who’ve been better served in every neighborhood… the social, emotional, and health needs of our students that we are now able to address… the partnerships we’ve built with the private and non-profit, businesses and organizations, churches and charities, elected leaders and caring, concerned individuals across our communities… and, most of all, the empowerment and Spirit of Success that’s been instilled in our young people that will last far beyond today, far beyond my time.”

Click here to download our Story of Success 2017.